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Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems

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Join us in 20th-24th July 2015 and build your professional career in IT with a master in IT&C Security | CyberSecurity

The master is recognized by students, academia and industry as one of the best master programs on IT&C Security in Bucharest. Reasons for doing this master:

  • Knowledge on IT&C Security has become a must have topic for developers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, DB admins, systems admins, IT consultants;
  • Enlarge your computer science skills and your horizon of jobs opportunities;
  • The master courses and laboratories are scheduled in weekends;
  • The master degree is recognized internationally;
  • Some courses are organized by specialists from industry leading companies like Intel, IBM and Oracle.

More information about the content of your registration dossier can be found on the university (RO) admission web-page.

Starting with 2014, ISM is re-accredited by ARACIS to have didactic activities in English with 75 places for 2 years with 120 ECTS - Download the ARACIS Council decision
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Intel presents "Make it Wearable" Challange - This is the future ...

We really NEED Cyber Security here and everywhere ... Let's explore together!

Steve Jobs: "Everybody...should learn how to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think" @ Code Stars - YouTube

Code Stars...Everybody should know how to program a device...

Starting with 2013, ISM has official guest speakers from

Intel , IBM , Microsoft and HP

for at least 25% of didactical activities.

ISM started the discussions for 2013 with Oracle and Gemalto .

IT&C Security Master - ISM mission is to share and transfer the practical & theoretical knowledge from IT&C Security field among the developers, administrators, project managers and users.

Since 2005 we have been educating professionals in the area of the information technology and communications security. In 2010, we start our first steps with 'I18N-internationalization' having the didactical activities in English.

IT&C Security Master - ISM main target of the 'I18N-internationalization' is to have competent students from world wide and to provide students+professors mobility.

ISM is a technical computer science master program which provides Master Certificate Diploma - M.Sc. 2 years - in Informatics Security specialization.


"Scientia potestas est" – "Knowledge is power" - ISM
“Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds.” – MIT's Open Courseware.

We offer:

Academic expectations

For each semester, students should normally expect to spend between 210-240 hours engaged in the specified learning and assessment activities - such as attending lectures or practical show how/hands-on laboratories, assigned readings, tutorial assistance, individual or group research/study, forum activity, assignments or examinations - structured average in 6 disciplines. The student workload for some subjects/disciplines may vary from these norms as a result of approved course design.

Students will be assessed on the basis of completed assignments, examinations, or other methods as outlined in specific subject outlines.

Expectations relating to academic and time requirements for specific subjects are provided in the subject outlines and in the course materials.


Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics


2 year education

Graduation requirements

To graduate, students must achieve 120 credit points.

We are accredited by

ARACIS ISM - IT&C Security Master - Securitatea Informatica Master is re-accredited by ARACIS since 2013, to have didactical activities in English with 75 places for 2 years with 120 ETCS - Download the ARACIS Council decision