Curricula for 2021-2023

Year 1, Semester 1

No.Course NameTypeCreditsEvaluationHoursCourseLaboratory
1Cryptography BasisO5E281414
2Electronic SignatureO5E281414
3Security Standards and ProtocolsO5E281414
4Antivirus and Virus TechnologiesO5E422814
5Secure Applications ProgrammingO5E704228
6ICT Security Systems Audit, Laws and RegulationsO5E28028
 TOTAL of the Mandatory Lectures 306E224112112
 OVERALL TOTAL 306E224112112

Year 1, Semester 2

No.Course NameTypeCreditsEvaluationHoursCourseLaboratory
1Computers Networks SecurityO4E281414
2Distributed and Parallel Systems SecurityO4E281414
3Databases SecurityO4E421428
4Web and Cloud Applications SecurityO6E562828
5E-Commerce and E-Payment SecurityO4E281414
6Multimedia SecurityO4E281414
7.1Cryptographic Keys ManagementA4E14140
7.2Security Management in Informatics SystemsA4E14140
 TOTAL of the Optional Lectures 4E14140
 TOTAL of the Mandatory Lectures 266E21098112
 OVERALL TOTAL 307E224112112

Year 2, Semester 1

No.Course NameTypeCreditsEvaluationHoursCourseLaboratory
1Source Code Programming SecurityO6E281414
2IoT (Internet of Things) & Embedded Operating Systems SecurityO4E422814
3Mobile Applications SecurityO4E421428
4Privacy and Ethical HackingO4E281414
5Security Engineering of Virtual Machines, Compilers and Multi-Agent Platforms (Artificial Intelligence)O4E281414
6Smart Cards & BiometricsO4E281414
7Software Quality Management & AssuranceO4E281414
 TOTAL of the Mandatory Lectures 307E224112112
 OVERALL TOTAL 307E224112112

Year 2, Semester 2

No.Course NameTypeCreditsEvaluationHoursCourseLaboratory
1Specialty Practice:
IT&C Security System – Analysis, Design and Development
Risk Analysis in Secure Systems
IT&C Security Project Management
2IT&C Security Scientific SeminaryO5E14014
3Academic integrity and ethicsO5E14014
4IT&C Security Systems DesignO5E28280
5Preparation of DissertationS0E4200420
 TOTAL of the Mandatory Lectures 304E   

Legend O – mandatory; A – optional; E – exam