International Students

The master program is opened to computer science undergraduates students from European Union, and non-E.U.: Ukraine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, … World-Wide.

Information Details
Location Bucharest, Romania, E.U. – European Union
Type Graduate, Full-time
Start 01 Oct. Current Year
Nominal duration 2 years (120 ECTS)
Study language English
Awards MSc. / MA in IT&C Security (Master in Economic Informatics / Applied Informatics)
Places 50 places for E.U. students + 5 places for non-E.U. students
Tuition fee ~ 1,000.00 EUR (5,000.00 RON) per year for E.U. students / 3,600.00 EUR per year (400 EUR per month) – for non-E.U. students
Application fee ~50.00 EUR for E.U. students / 400.00 EUR for non-E.U. students
Entry qualification Undergraduate diploma / Bachelor diploma (or higher).Applicants for IT&C Security – Informatics Security Master program should have a Bachelor or equivalent degree in Informatics, Informatics Engineering, Applied Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Mathematics – not limited but recommended.
Other requirements Education Documents (University Certificate and Transcript of Records) might be asked to be approved by ‘Apostille’ or legalized form.
Contact Details The Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
Department of International Relations,
tel.: +40 21 319 19 84; fax +40 21 319 20 25,
e-mail: – in CC – Carbon Copy
Online Registration – first contact via e-mail Apply Now
Opportunities Graduates of ISM – IT&C Security Master program will be able to work as IT specialists, consultants, project and department managers in IT, Cyber Security field and other organizational departments, where the there is a need for IT application or development. The target group for the master program are Software Developers and Professionals, IT System Designers, Admins, Project Managers, and IT consultants. The graduates will also be able to establish their own businesses offering various Cyber Security and IT-related tools and services.
Strengths & features @ Master program level – IT&C Security (
  • It is in English language.
  • It is a 2 years master program with a combination between 85% technical computer science and cyber security plus 15% audit, project management, software quality procedures, laws and regulations.
  • It has dedicated places for the foreign students.
  • It has well trained young professors and researchers involved, instructors from IT companies, plus access at the resources and fully equipped laboratories of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics Faculty (
  • It will involve students in dissemination scientific papers and/or research projects – please see the conference organized starting from 2008 – SECITC (
  • It is started from academic year 2005-2006 (October 2005), and there is time till September, 2013 for the students to prepare the application file.
  • The graduation diploma is issued by the university and it is recognized within E.U. – European Union level.
Strengths and features at University level – The Bucharest University of Economic Studies – ASE (
  • It is a Research Intensive University established 100 years ago.
  • It is in TOP 10 universities (Class A) from Romania by ARACIS ( classification. ARACIS – Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education is full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – ENQA and it is listed in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education – EQAR).
  • For the students are coming from foreign countries, we will try to offer accommodation within our campuses at students prices.
  • It has connections and even Excellence Centers with the most well known IT companies: Oracle, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, …