How to apply for the IT&C Security Master in 2022

  1. Finish your bachelor studies
  2. Read the necessary info @ the official Bucharest University of Economic Studies admission webpage:
  3. Check the admission methodology for 2022
  4. Prepare your admission file
  5. Prepare for the admission exam. Read the summary for Admission Exam Topics and full CSIE4 code topics from here (see Annex 4). For the English Language skills exam the official reference list can be downloaded from here (see Annex 8).
  6. Check the admission timetable and be on time at all activities

For this master program the admission exam grade matters 75% of the final admission score. The other 25% are given by your Bachelor exam grade.

ISM – IT&C | ICT | Cyber Security Master – Securitatea Informatica Master

The program is re-accredited by ARACIS since 2013, to conduct all didactic activities in English with 75 places for 2 years with 120 ETCS – Download the ARACIS Council decision

IT&C Security Master – Admission timetable – July 2022

For the official admission timetable please check the University 2022 Admission Official page.

Candidates Registration:
Online, link available on University 2022 Admission Official page
20-26 July (Wed-Tue),
Tuesday until 12,00
The English test interview. 27 July
The admission test (written quiz test) 28 July
Publication of the preliminary admission results: candidates admitted on places financed from the state budget and candidates admitted on tax places 29 of July
Confirmation of the places by register the original baccalaureate diploma, the bachelor diploma and transcripts and/or payment of 1/2 of the annual tuition fee 1-2 August
Final list of accepted candidates on tax and budget places 03 August