Fields of Research

The target group of the IT&C Security Master curricula is the IT&C Security Solution Architect or the Security Chief Officer which must have knowledge in fields like:

  • Analisys, Design and Software Development
  • OS/DB/Networks Administration
  • Business Product Management & Project Management

IT&C Security Master Target Group width=

Fundamental concepts

  • Antivirus & Virus Technologies
  • Secure App. Programming
  • Source Code Programming Security
  • Embedded and OS Security
  • Cryptography Basis
  • E-Signature

Software Development

  • Database Security
  • Web Security
  • Distributed Systems Security
  • E-Commerce & E-Payment Security
  • Mobile Applications Security
  • A.I. & Eng./Re-eng. Security
  • IT&C Security Systems Design

Project & Product Management

  • IT&C Security Project Management
  • IT&C Security Systems Design
  • Risk Analysis in Secure Systems
  • Quality Management
  • IT&C Security Laws and Regulations
  • IT&C Audit

For detailed information regarding the lectures’ content and curricula you can check the Curriculum or the Lectures contents overview pages