Requirements and regulations for admission at IT&C Security Master

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ISM – IT&C Security Master – Securitatea Informatica Master is accredited by ARACIS since 2008 to have the didactic activities in Romanian language. According to the Education Law from 2011, published in the Official Journal of Romania no. 18/10.01.2011, the master program will be re-accredited by ARACIS in order to perform the didactic activities in English. Since 2013, ISM is re-accredited by ARACIS to have didactic activities in English – Download the ARACIS Council decision.

The English test will be an interview at conversational level, in order to evaluate the ability of the students to understand the IT topics.

The A.S.E Senate decision establishes that the master program IT&C Security has 4 semesters and for the next academic year were approved an overall of 75 tax and budget places (for exact number check the 2022 Admission Page). The admission for 2022 is based on file application and it will be an English language conversational level interview. For budget places it is organized a written examination according to theme-topics displayed on the web site.

Important Note: Please check the admission timetable for detailed information.

A.S.E – stands for The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
C.S.I.E – stands for Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics

1. Documents required for enrollment in IT&C SECURITY Master

Art. 21. The enrollment for admission is made at the C.S.I.E Faculty Admission Committee with the following conditions:

1) The candidates who have graduated from the bachelor programs at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest in 2022 are registered based on information entered in A.S.E Central Database (they will present an envelope that contains a legal copy of Birth Certificate, ID card copy, the registration fee, specifying e-mail and phone contact).

2) The candidates, other than in art. 21. section 1), will present an envelope file that contains the following documents:

  • bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), or a legal copy (for 2014 graduates promotion, certificate of bachelor exam graduation, indicating the mean value for the marks of the years of study and for the bachelor exam);
  • transcript or diploma supplement of bachelor university program, original or legal copy (excepting the 2013 graduates promotion);
  • baccalaureate (high-school) degree (or equivalent) original or certified/legal copy;
  • medical certificate issued by the family doctor or other licensed establishment;
  • legal copy of birth certificate;
  • legal copy of marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • copy of identity card;
  • statement through which the applicant undertakes that it will not benefit of budget financing for two or many university programs;
  • two ID photographs type 3/4;
  • vouchers representing the registration fee;
  • specify the address, e-mail and phone contact.

Incomplete files are not accepted for enrollment. The foreigner students are advised to read point 6 and/or 7 from this web page as well as the Appendix G and H from admission procedure (available on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies admission page). The students who choose the tax places are not tested with a written exam, but all candidates students are tested for English language skills.

2. Admission procedure for IT&C SECURITY Master

Art. 15. Candidate’s physical presence is required for all activities related to admission (enrollment, withdrawal, options express, etc.).

Art. 16. The admission board will publish on Internet the information regarding the admission status and procedures on web address:

Art. 17. Admission to the masters programs involves the following steps: registration based on file; distribution of the candidates on master programs, depending on the overall score and their options submitted to the registration; participation of the candidates who wish to occupy the places financed from the budget to support a single-choice test; displaying the list of candidates admitted for places with fee/tax and budget; confirmation of the admission.

Art. 18. Publishing the conformation regarding the registrations

(a) The Faculty Admissions Committees will specify the date and time of the displayed results.
(b) During the registrations, the Faculty Admissions Committees will display the number of the recorded candidates daily.

Art. 19. The time table of registration, enrollment and examination is given in Appendix A. (available on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies admission page)

Art. 20. Theme/topics of the test examination and the references necessary to fill the budget places are presented in Appendix E. (available on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies admission page)

Art. 21.

4) At registration, the candidate specifies priorities for the masters programs in the chosen field of study (professional master) and he/she specifies the option for the budget budget or tax places.

* Our recommendation is that the first option on registration file to be IT&C Security Master, professional master field (explanation: IT&C Security Master is perceived as “professional” master due to the economic orientation of A.S.E but it is in “detail” in terms of IT&C), the same things apply to files option places for budget.

5) After the registration period, the options, the order and other information in the registration application form can not be changed.

6) For citizens from other countries of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation and non-EU citizens see details in Appendix G and H to this methodology, also please see the “Application for reconnaissance studies to admission” from web address

Art. 23. The validation and checking the answers to single-choice tests are done automatically by scanning. Checks and human interpretations is strictly prohibited. Minimum overall score required for admission to the budget is 50 (grade equivalent of 5.00).

Art. 24. Evaluation of the applicants for budget places:

1) Calculation of average score and transformation for the budget places is:

  • Overall maximum score (P) obtained at the written test competition is 100 points;
  • Overall average score transformation (M) is based on the relationship: M = P/10. M will be truncated to two decimal places.

Art. 25. Overall score for overall ranking for tax places is calculated based on the average mean of the bachelor exam, weighted as follows:

  • for candidates graduated from universities of advanced research and education, the weighting factor is 100%;
  • for candidates graduated from universities of education and scientific research, the weighting factor is 95%;
  • for candidates graduated from universities focused on education and from universities of education and artistic creation, the weighting factor is 85%.

3. Procedures for deployment of written exam to fill the budget places to IT&C SECURITY Master

Art. 22. Procedures for deployment of written exam to fill the budget places:

  • 1) The Faculty Admission Committees will show classic and electronic at, the alphabetical lists of the candidates names for budget places and the schedule of the written exam, indicating: the date and time of the exam, the distribution if the candidates in rooms.
  • 2) Candidates are required to verify data contained in the lists and to seek Faculty Admission Committees for any inconsistencies with actual data.
  • 3) Written test exam is a single-choice test, during a period of 2 hours and half, and includes questions from the topics listed in Appendix E of this methodology.
  • 4) On entering into the room where the written test is taken place, the candidates have an ID card and a badge contest. During the written test, candidates will have their ID card and badge contest. It is forbidden for the candidates to have with them in the examination room: mobile phones, laptops, computers, PDAs, books or other materials and equipment.
  • 5) The access of the candidates into the rooms, in which the written exam will take place, will be with at least one hour before the start of it. On accessing the exam space, identity verification will follow along with checking each recorded candidate, after which, the distribution of the exam papers and a brief training of how they must be completed will be conducted.
  • 6) For being examined the candidates will receive: the quiz grid and the exam papers (containing the self control form, a set of questions and some drafts). The self control form will remain with the candidate after the exam papers will be delivered, for being able to self evaluate his results based upon the displayed auto-evaluation form.
  • 7) Candidates who will not be present in the exam room when distributing the exam papers will lose the right to be examined.
  • 8) After the exam papers distribution moment, candidates may not leave the room temporarily for any reason.
  • 9) The multiple-choice test contains questions with single correct answer.
  • 10) The answers will be recorded on the single-choice test. The test can be written only with dark blue or black normal, non-liquid paste. No distinctive signs are allowed to be written on the test which may lead to its cancellation. Furthermore, erasures or multiple answers to one question are forbidden, nor corrections with corrective paste are allowed. These types of violations cancels the answer to the respective question.
  • 11) Marking the correct answer is made only by the complete filling of the bubble from the test without exceeding its circumference. Otherwise, any other way of marking invalidates the respective answer. If the answer is unknown or wrong and is no time to complete another test, the row will be canceled with a horizontal line.
  • 12) Fraud or fraud attempt, including discutions with another candidate is sanctioned by exclusion from the admission contest (including the fee option) from all chosed programs.
  • 13) Faculty admission committees will present classical and electronically on, auto-evaluation forms in less than six hours from complete the written test.

4. Registration in the IT&C Security first year master’s program

Art. 31. Admitted candidates must sign in the first three weeks of the academic year 2019-2020, at each faculty secretariats, the contract studies for the entire duration of the program. Failure of candidates to do so within the deadline, will lead in loosing the right won in the admission contest.

Art. 32. Admitted candidates, who signed the contract studies, are enrolled in the first year, for the academic year 2019-2020, by the rector’s personal decision.

Art. 33. Student title with budget funding or fee is updated after the first semester and annually based on the academic performance, according to “Regulation on teaching to masters programs.”

Art. 34. In constructing the study formations, no distinction is made with regards to the two main categories of admitted students, with or without fee.

Art. 35. The scholarships, material aids and other facilities are given according to the legal regulations. ASE offers, against a fee, accommodation and meal to admitted students who are budget financed, but subject to availability.

Art. 36. On registration, admitted candidates on fee places must show their high-school diploma (or its equivalent), original or certified copy and a certificate from a university, showing that the original high-school diploma is in its custody.

Art. 37. Candidates admitted on budget financed places, which previously had budget funding for other master program, must declare it, receiving financing in ASE only for the years difference from two (which is the normal duration of studies in ASE for a master program).

5. Regulations regarding registration fee for the IT&C Security master

Art. 39. File application fee for the admission competition is 250 RON, regardless of the number of options mentioned by the candidate for a single domain and type of program. For the citizens who are NOT from countries of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation the application fee is 400 EUR.

Art. 40. Tuition fees for the academic year 2019-2020, for the citizens who from countries of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation is 5000 RON/year. For the foreign citizens who are NOT from countries of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation or Romanian with permanent residence abroad, tuition fees is 400 EUR/month (3600 EUR/ear).

Art. 41. Half of the annual tuition fee, which confirms the admission for a fee place, must be exclusively paid through ASE pay offices  (not by pay orders, postal orders, etc.).

Art. 42. After registration in the first year of study, the tuition fee is refunded according to the “Regulation for academic activity of master programs”.

Art. 43. During the study years no exceptions will be granted for the payment of the tuition fees.

6. Information for foreign citizens in the EU – European Union

Citizens from countries of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation are allowed to compete for all academic stages in the same conditions applicable by Romanian law for Romanian citizens.

I. Documents required for diploma accreditation by C.N.R.E.D

Diplomas authenticated and translated into Romanian will be recognized by the specialty direction, namely the National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports. The list of documents required for confirmation of the abroad studies is:

  • application request for confirming the abroad studies in order to be accepted to study;
  • high school diploma (both undergraduate and master degrees studies);
  • undergraduate diploma;
  • Transcript of records – personal identification document, xerox copy of passport – copy of pages 1,2,3,4, or any other identification card;

The mentioned documents will be sent in legalized copies.The documents written in other languages than English or French will be translated in to Romanian or English.
The diplomas from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus will be concerned with the Hague Apostille Convention.

All these documents must be sent to The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. In the case that the candidate will require the registration in a shorter time they can apply straight to CNRED.

Registration and admission exam shall take place directly at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, in accordance with its admission methodology.

II. Documents required for registration:

  • high-school diploma and high-school record, original and certified/legal copy;
  • undergraduate diploma and academic record, original and certified/legal copy;
  • birth certificate – certified/legal copy;
  • medical certificate;
  • passport copy;
  • statement through which the applicant undertakes that it will not benefit of budget financing for two or many university programs;
  • two ID photographs type 3/4;
  • vouchers representing the registration fee.

III. Schedule of the IT&C Security Master admission exam:

For detailed information regarding schedule of the admission exam please check the How to apply section.

For any details regarding the admission of foreign students, please do not hesitate to contact:
Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
Department of International Relations,
tel.: +40 21 319 19 84; fax +40 21 319 20 25,
e-mail: and in e-mail CC – carbon copy

7.Information for foreign citizens outside the EU – European Union

For non-EU citizens the summary of the procedure is:

I. General rules

As general rule the admission file must be sent to the Academy of Economic Studies. The file is checked by ASE Bucharest and then sent back to The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports togheter with a formal acceptance.

The International Students Department of The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports make the final verification and issue a “Letter of Acceptance” for the candidate or ASE Bucharest.

This “Letter of Acceptance” allows candidate to obtain study visa from the Embassy/Romanian Consulate of the candidate’s country. Until arrival in Romania, The Ministry of Education will issue by “Ministerial Order” the document required for student registration in ASE Bucharest.

II. Documents required for registration – the application file must contain the following documents (certified/authorised translations into English):

  • application forms, filled in, with photo (can be obtained from Department of Foreign Students in ASE Bucharest)
  • high-school diploma and high-school Transcript of records, original and certified/legal copy, endorsed by the Romanian Embassy in your country or with the Hague Apostille;
  • bachelor diploma and transcript of records, original and certified/legal copy;
  • birth certificate – certified/legal copy;
  • medical certificate;
  • passport copy.

III. Schedule of the 2019 admission contest:

Contact the Department for Relations with foreign students from ASE Bucharest: as soon as possible

For any details regarding the admission of foreign students, please do not hesitate to contact:
Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest,
Department of International Relations,
tel.: +40 21 319 19 84; fax +40 21 319 20 25, and in e-mail CC – carbon copy

8. The operation of the IT&C SECURITY master program

  • The IT&C SECURITY master’s program is A.R.A.C.I.S authorized, lasts 4 semesters and has 120 (ECTS) European Credits Transferable Points and it will be in English after the re-accreditation procedure from 2013;
  • The courses/laboratories of modularized discipline runs on weekends – Saturday and Sunday/sometimes during the week days from 6pm-9pm;
  • The master courses are taught in a structured manner; a course or a module runs during one or more weekends; after this period, the course syllabus is completed;
  • For the evaluations, at the end of each semester is a examination session; All the exam are on the web platform and are taken electronically within evaluation room in presence of the supervisors.
  • To the admission for IT&C SECURITY master program, graduates from any area can participate; IT&C SECURITY master program targets especially college/university graduates within technical field and especially those that are graduated from IT&C / Computer Science specializations;
  • More information about courses can be obtained by accessing the section Curriculum of our website menu.