Important Facts for 2020 Admission

The entire enrollment process is done online. The link to the registration platform will be available on from July 20 to July 22, 16:00 PM

The admission exam is based on a quiz with questions from CSIE4 topics

The admission grade is 25% your bachelor exam average + 75% the admission quiz exam (for other masters the bachelor exam matters 40%)

Frequent Asked Questions

When are scheduled the courses and the laboratories ?

All master activities are scheduled during weekends. Sometimes, some activities are scheduled during weekdays (mostly on Thursday or Friday evenings) in order to cover all hours or special sessions, but these are exceptions

How are the semester courses scheduled ?

Each semester courses (between 4 and 6) are scheduled in a “modular” approach. We start with a topic for 2 to 3 weekends and after that we move to the next one (course).
In this way we focus on a specific topic/course at a time. And also, there is the advantage of providing a logic chain between the semester courses. For example, in semester 1, we start with Cryptography Fundamentals and after that we move to other topics which are linked to this one.

When are the exams scheduled ?

The exams are scheduled at the end of each semester, based on the University official schedule. Despite the fact the courses are scheduled in a “modular” approach, there are NO exams during the semester. You need time for home documentation  to “really understand” some topics.

Is this program a “challenging one” ?

Yes it is, but is not an impossible one. It is challenging because it requires technical (coding) skills and the information volume is consistent. There are a lot of success stories and they all have in common the same ingredients: a lot of work (outside the classroom), dedication and self motivation. There is no easy path – from electronic artists to mountain climbers, but the achievements are rewarding in time.

What should I know (technical skills) before applying for this master program ?

Even for the admission there are required previous C/C++ and Java knowledge. If you are a junior C/C++/Java programmer you can easily pass the admission exam, but we need to invest a lot of time to improve your skills during the first semester. There are live exams that will require you to write real C++/Java applications.

Is it enough to have software development skills before applying to this master program ?

Yes,  please check CSIE4 annex –

If I do not know programming can I apply for this master program ?

Yes, you can apply for it, but we strongly recommend you to improve your computational thinking skills and Java and C/C++ knowledge – we are not talking about the syntax. The lectures in for Java, C++, Data Structures, Software Quality and Testing, etc are free of charge and aimed topics are better explained than in most universities ( check Teaching section / menu).

Can I apply for PhD program after graduating this master program ?

Yes, you can. Actually, in the last five years 3 to 5 graduates have continued with a PhD program in ASE or in another university.

Is this program dedicated only to software developers ?

No, but most of the interesting internals in the Cyber-Security field are learned through programming.

How to apply for The IT&C Security Master in 2020

Finish your bachelor studies

Read the necessary info @ the official Bucharest University of Economic Studies admission webpage:

Read the summary of  Requirements and regulations for admission at IT&C Security Master page.

Prepare your admission file

Prepare for the admission exam if you want to get a scholarship.
Read the summary for Admission Exam Topics and full CSIE4 code topics from here (see Annex 4). For the English Language skills exam the official reference list can be downloaded from here (see Annex 8).

Check the admission timetable and be on time at all activities

IT&C Security Master – Admission timetable – July 2020

Full schedule available on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Admission page.

Candidates Registration:
On 20-22 July 2019 (until 16.00 on July 22), online at
20.07.2020 – 22.07.2020 (until 16:00)
The English interview23.07.2020
The admission test (written quiz test)24.07.2020
List of candidates admitted on places financed from the state budget and candidates admitted on tax places27.07.2020
Submission of bachelor diplomas and payment of half of the annual tuition fee27.07.2020 – 29.07.2020 (until 16:00)
Final list of accepted candidates on tax and budget places03.08.2020